Gun Free Zone – No Guns Allowed Inside

Gun violence can happen anytime and anyplace where a firearm is present. This was the case a few years ago when a Starbucks patron at their store at 23rd and Jackson in Seattle  had a firearm in his possession and an argument broke out in-store with another customer ending in a death.

Gun Free Zones are effective in reducing the violence from  impulsive acts of aggression with a firearm. All private businesses in  the State of Washington have the right to determine whether or not to allow guns on their premises. and over a hundred have in Seattle alone thanks to the efforts of Washington Ceasefire. Proprietors tell us that their patrons feel more comfortable  in Gun Free Zones and the owners themselves feel empowered in doing everything they can to ensure a safe environment.

Any businesses interest in getting a Get Free Zone notice should contact Washington Ceasefire at info@washingtonceasefire or calling (206) 369-2612.