About Washington CeaseFire

Washington CeaseFire…
Dedicated to Reducing Gun Violence Since 1983

For Almost 35 Years Washington Ceasefire Has Been The Most Prominent Citizen Activist Group That’s Led the Fight on Reducing Gun Violence in Washington State.

  • In 2009 We fought in Olympia and won new legislation that denied gun rights to some 5000 Washington residents who were involuntary committed for mental illness for at least thirty days.
  • In 2012 We started a gun free zone program that well over 100 local businesses continue to uphold to this day.
  • In 2013 We gathered more signatures for the I-594 universal background check initiative than any other volunteer group.
  • In 2014 We lead the nation in an aggressive safe storage ASK campaign (Asking Saves Kids) which involved social media, radio and transit advertising along with dozens of presentation to neighborhood PTA’s.

Since 2014 Washington Ceasefire Has Become the Nation’s Strongest Proponent of Child Proof Smart Guns

  • We’ve produced four major symposiums in Seattle, SF, NYC and DC where international leaders from public health, law enforcement, public safety and firearm design have gathered to discuss the merits and challenges of smart gun development.
  • We sponsored research that validated that 42% of gun owners are interested in smart guns and that countered earlier NSSF research.
  • We’ve written opinion pieces that have appeared in such publications as The Hill, VentureBeat, the New York Daily New and Law Enforcement Today.
  • We’ve created and participated in press stories for many of the world’s leading news entities including the BBC, New York Times, VICE, MSNBC, CNN, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily Beast and even China Cable News.
  • We’ve developed dedicated a smart gun website, brochures and Twitter pages (@smartguns_us) to help educate both press and police as well as the public on the merits of smart guns.

Our Message is Clear: The Safest Home is One Without A Gun…But For The 40% of American Homeowners Who Still Wish to Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights, Smart Guns Are the Safest Option

And we’ve even nudged the state of New Jersey to reconsider a well-intended but overreaching mandate that stymied investment in smart guns. We’ve had a conference call with the White House that preceded President Obama’s and VP Biden’s surprise endorsement of smart guns.

According to New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg: “I Am Considering A Repeal of the So Called Smart Gun Mandate Based on Concerns From Gun Safety Groups That I Respect”

Going Forward

We will continue to push for cultural change with ongoing programs Like ASK and Thought Leadership Symposiums on issues like youth suicide.

But our top priority will be to take the national lead on promoting smart gun technology which we firmly believe over the next decade or so is the best way to save lives and bridge the divide between gun rights advocates and groups like Washington CeaseFire.

According to Dr. David Hemenway, Director of Injury Prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health and Author of “Private Gun, Public Health”“Smart guns are great…They just need more development.

WA CeaseFire Board

Jeanette Ashmun
Marcia Bennison
Mike Lazer
Jaron Lindbom
Larry Wechsler
Jay Sivadas
Robert Silber
Nelly Szilagyi