Gun violence is one of our nation’s most significant public health crises with more than two million Americans shot since the turn of the millennium.

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Most of us would agree – 2020 is a year that can’t end too soon. But it’s not over yet! We at Washington CeaseFire want to encourage you to exercise your most fundamental right – the right to vote! In today’s polarized political climate, every vote is important. So do your homework. Research candidates’ positions on issues important to you, especially on gun violence and firearm injury prevention – and vote!

Information on registering and voting in Washington State can be found at the Secretary of State’s website:

Standing United

Washington CeaseFire stands united with the black community and with people peacefully protesting the tragic killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Their deaths, and those before them, highlight the continued plight of millions of people of color in our country who suffer from injustices and violence on a daily basis.  We support the need to reform our policing policies, and acknowledge that racial prejudice is, unfortunately, alive and flourishing in our country. As is the case with gun violence prevention, only by working together as a community, and facing the challenge head-on, will we bring much-needed reform to our country and society.  Together we stand and together we can reduce racial prejudice and gun violence!

COVID-19 Message

Greetings from Washington Ceasefire,

These are trying and uncertain times. We at WA Ceasefire urge everyone to Stay Home, and Stay Safe. Only by working together can we stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Please refer to the Washington State Department of Health, your local health authorities, and the CDC for additional guidelines on keeping yourselves and your families safe during this outbreak.

Best Regards,
The Board of Washington Ceasefire


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