Washington CeaseFire welcomes volunteers who are willing to donate their time and skills to our efforts.  Here are a few ways you can get involved and do your part to reduce gun violence in Washington State.  If there are other ways you think you might donate your time to CeaseFire, contact us and we'll find a place for you. Email us at

·    Membership:   Our members are individuals who want to hear about the latest progress on reducing gun violence and who would also like to support CeaseFire financially.  All you need to do to become a member is sign up. Join us.

·    While our organization consists primarily of concerned volunteers, our efforts cost money. If you can, please assist us to further the cause by donating $20 or more to Washington CeaseFire here on the site. 

·    Facebook: One of the easiest ways you can support Washington CeaseFire is by joining us on Facebook.

·    Twitter: Follow us on Twitter; just click on the bird logo at bottom right!

·    Newsletter: Sign-up! Our bi-weekly newsletter is a combined effort of Washington Ceasefire and States United to Prevent Gun Violence. It provides both national and local perspectives on our challenges.

·    Become an evangelist. Learn the truth about gun violence by reviewing our Know the Facts page, and tell your friends and neighbors what they can do to make their homes and communities safer.

·    Don’t keep a gun in your home. Americans have a right to own a gun, but keeping a gun in your home significantly increases the chances that members of your household will be victims of gun violence.

·    Legislative outreach:  Know our legislative priorities and contact your state legislators to urge them to support our efforts.

·    Community outreach: We are happy to speak to your local PTA or civic association on the challenges of gun violence and what can be done to reduce gun deaths.