Washington CeaseFire

Dedicated to reducing gun violence since 1983.

Gun violence is our nation’s most neglected public health issue.

Ban assault weapons in Washington state

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Since the year 2000 a half million Americans have died from gun violence; more than all US combat deaths combined since the end of the Civil War.

According to a recent article in Mother Jones Magazine, gun violence carries a staggering annual cost of $229 billion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are forbidden from conducting research on the issue. In some states like Florida it’s illegal for doctors to ask their patients if there is a gun in the home.

There are only three ways to reduce gun violence and only one gun safety group in the entire nation is leading the way on what just might be the most promising path forward.

  • For decades meaningful common sense gun safety legislation has stalled at both the federal and state level.
  • Creating broad cultural change including better awareness of the dangers of a gun in the home and safe storage techniques have been slow to catch on.
  • There is a promising path forward and Washington CeaseFire is boldly leading the way.

New technology that prevents a gun from being operated by anyone except the authorized user is about to enter the US market. This technology has the potential to reduce the 20,000 annual firearm suicides by 50% and virtually eliminate the 10,000 annual firearm injuries to our nation’s youth.

Our message is clear

The safest home is the one without a gun, but for the 40% of American homeowners who still wish to exercise their second amendment rights, smart guns are the best option. Our work is already generating results pending repeal of the New Jersey smart gun mandate that had the unintended consequence of stifling smart gun development and distribution. None engaged the courageous senator more directly or pushed the issue more proactively than Washington CeaseFire.

“I am considering a repeal of the so-called smart gun mandate based on concerns from gun safety groups that I respect.”

— Loretta Weinberg, New Jersey Senate Majority Leader

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For over 30 years Washington CeaseFire has been the most prominent citizen activist group to lead the fight on reducing gun violence in Washington state.

— In 2009 we fought and won new legislation in Olympia that prevented access to guns for some 5,000 Washington residents who were involuntary committed for mental illness for at least thirty days.

— In 2012 we started a gun free zone program that well over 100 local businesses continue to uphold to this day.

— In 2013 we gathered more signatures for the I-594 universal background check initiative than any other volunteer group.

— In 2014 we lead the nation in an aggressive safe storage ASK campaign (Asking Saves Kids) which involved social media, radio and transit advertising along with dozens of presentation to neighborhood PTA’s.

— Annually we engage with the community to help us plant daffodils in Seattle parks to honor the lives lost in our state due to gun violence.