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TriggerSmart Technologies CEO Robert McNamera is a leading Developer of Smart Gun Technology and an award recipient of the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation grant for developing safer fire-arm technology.


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International Smart Gun Symposium Shines Spotlight On Latest Political And Technological Developments

Washington Ceasefire, along with the Washington Technology Industry, is proud to have co-sponsored the Seattle International Smart Gun Symposium, the largest gathering of stakeholders yet on perhaps the most promising path to significantly reducing gun violence in the foreseeable future

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YES on 594!!! Your voice was heard!

"The No. 1 reason why gun control legislation fails to pass is that, with the sporadic exceptions of a tragedy like Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook, nobody speaks for the victim."

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Gun Free Zone

Voluntary program protects business patrons from gun violence

At the rate of nearly one per day, over 100 businesses in Seattle have signed up to be a part of the city's "Gun Free Zone" program since it launched in August. "In the face of inaction at the federal level on gun control laws, in the face of inaction at the state level on gun control laws, this is an opportunity for businesses, individuals in a community, to take action themselves," Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference on Thursday. Participating businesses have placed a "Gun Free Zone" decal in the window. Police could consider a visitor who violates the rule a trespasser.

Businesses can opt into the program by visiting the GunFreeSeattle signup page, signing up to participate, and placing a “Gun Free Zone” decal in their window.

The following businesses are already signed on to participate:

“We’re making a statement as a community” said Washington CeaseFire Director Ralph Fascitelli. “We know this won’t stop someone determined to cause violence, but we hope that standing together and giving businesses a tool to say no to guns will change the conversation around gun violence. Maybe our message will even make it to Olympia - we need better tools now to stop gun violence in our community.”

Gun violence claims more than 31,000 lives every year in our country. In King County alone, more people die every year from gun violence than from motor vehicle collisions. This violence takes an enormous emotional and financial toll on victims and their families. Between 2007 and 2011, the estimated annual cost of firearms deaths and hospitalizations in King County was $177 million.

“We are here to support businesses that do not wish to have guns on their premises” said McGinn. “The police department regularly enforces trespass laws when a visitor to a business violates that business’s rules. We will continue to do so, and I thank these businesses for standing up for the safety of their customers.”

Public Health Campaign

New on Crosscut

WHY GUN CONTROL IS SO HARD: Hint, it's not the NRA
By Ralph Fascitelli : President, Washington CeaseFire

Many people are wondering how a basic, common sense law like universal background checks for gun purchases can fail in both D.C. and Olympia. Polls show that on the state and national level, the idea enjoys the support of approximately 9 out of 10 voters.

The public acceptance of the idea makes sense. After all, we don’t get to drive a car if we have a history of drunk driving, so why should somebody with a felony or domestic violence problems or someone involuntarily committed for mental illness be able to buy an unlimited number of firearms at gun shows or online, no questions asked?

The explanation for the failure in the state and the nation's capital is not the clout of the NRA or the gun manufacturers, who provide as much as half of NRA revenue. At $1.3 billion, the total revenue for the gun industry annually is only slightly more than what a company like Apple makes in a given week in a good quarter. And last year the NRA spent less than $7 million dollars on non-Presidential elections — and lost far more of those contests than it won. Indeed a watchdog group called The Sunlight Foundation said the NRA has the worst return of investment on its political donations of any lobbying organization

The No. 1 reason why gun control legislation fails to pass is that, with the sporadic exceptions of a tragedy like Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook, nobody speaks for the victim. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was able to reduce drunk driving deaths in half over a 20-year span, from approximately 30,000 annual deaths nationwide to the current 15,000 level. Outraged parents made it their life mission to ensure a changed culture and to produce legislation on the matter of drunk driving. And they succeeded despite opposition even more powerful and deep-pocketed than the NRA

School shootings represent only a small fraction of gun deaths. More than 90 percent of the 31,000 annual gun fatalities trace to suicide, domestic violence or gangs.

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Poll Findings :

State Voters strongly endorse sensible gun legislation

On Tuesday, January 22nd, Washington CeaseFire presented the results of a statewide poll conducted by Alison Peters Consulting. The poll of 600 randomly selected registered Washington voters reveals a strong preference for stronger gun safety laws on both Eastern and Western sides of the state. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

Findings included :
•76% of state residents support tighter gun laws;
•87% support a state law to require that everyone who buys a gun at a gun show undergo a background check;
•66% support a state law to ban semi-automatic assault weapons;
•68% are in support of a state law to increase mandatory penalties for youth firearm possession, starting with house detention at the first offense ;
•68% would support a state law to limit ammunition clips on guns to 10 bullets;

•and 66% of respondents are in support of a state law requiring the signature of local police on every concealed weapons permit application.

Gun Deaths firmly exceed Traffic Fatalities in our state and in 9 others. There are things we can do about it! Take a look.


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